IMPORTANT:  The GCMB is transitioning to a paperless system. Avoid mailing documents; instead, email all Physician Licensure paperwork to our office at: [email protected]

When emailing, Include the applicant’s full name. Third parties may also email documents directly to the GCMB, depending on the circumstance.

For questions about RENEWING your active Physician license, contact us at [email protected] or at 404-656-3913

Application Review and Finalization Process:

  • Completion: Once all documents are received, the application is considered complete.
  • Quality Assurance: A secondary review takes up to one week to verify compliance with laws and rules.
  • Approval: If no issues are found, the application is approved, and a license is granted.
  • Board Review: Applications with issues are reviewed by the Board at the next meeting. Common review triggers include:
    • Repeated USMLE Step 3 failures
    • Inactive clinical practice (>30 months)
    • Criminal conviction
    • Impairment issues
    • Disciplinary actions
    • Malpractice incidents
    • DEA restrictions
    • Other unique concerns.

Physician Licensure Requirements: Refer to the list below with links for streamlined processing instructions for each required item/document


  • Full - This is a regular medical license.

  • Reinstatement -Must Have 40 Hour CME credits along with the other required forms

  • Download this pdf file. Inactive Status - A licensee who wishes to maintain his or her license but who does not wish to practice medicine and surgery in this State may apply to the Board for inactive status by submitting an inactive application and the applicable fee. A licensee with an inactive license may not practice medicine in this State.

  • Telemedicine - Licensees under this license type will be limited to the practice of telemedicine and shall not be authorized to practice medicine physicially on patients in Georgia.  Licensees under this license type cannot apply for a GA DEA.  The DEA views a telemedicine license as a restricted license.  Once issued, converting your Telemedicine License to a Full Medical License will require accessing your online profile, clicking on Convert from Telemedicine to Full, and pay a $200 fee to complete the process.

  • Administrative - Licensees under this license type shall not be authorized to perform any surgical procedure, write prescriptions, or practice any clinical medicine.

  • Institutional - This license type is issued under exceptional circumstances to graduates of international medical schools who an institution wishes to employ but who do not have an independent license to practice medicine in the State of Georgia. The license is jointly awarded to the applicant and the institution, and the practice is limited as provided in Rule 360-10-.07.

  • Interstate Medical Licensure Compact - A physician license issued through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

  • Volunteer-in-Medicine -  A special medical license to qualifying physicians for the sole purpose of practicing medicine in the non-compensated employ of public, not for profit, or nonprofit agencies, institutions, corporations, or associations that provide medical services solely to indigent patients in medically underserved or critical need population areas of the State.

  • Physician Teacher - This license type is issued to physicians licensed and in good standing in other states and foreign countries for the sole purpose of teaching or demonstrating medicine in a Board approved medical college or its affiliated clinic in this State.

  • Educational Training Certificate - A physician licensed in another state or foreign country who intends to enter into this state for the sole purpose of participating in or providing educational training that involves the provision of patient care must apply for an educational training certificate in order to provide patient care. For purposes of this rule "educational training" shall include medical education training, conference, clinics, workshops or courses.

  • Temporary - This license type is no longer offered by the Board.

  • Provisional - This license type is no longer offered by the Board.

  • Temporary Postgraduate Training Permit - This permit is mandatory for participation in all postgraduate medical training programs in this State, unless the individual holds a license to practice medicine in this State prior to participating in the postgraduate medical training program or has applied for a temporary postgraduate training permit.

  • Emergency Practice Permits - This license type is only offered during an event for which the Governor of the State of Georgia has issued an executive order declaring a disaster or a state of emergency.


Physician Profile Information and Forms

Electronic Copy of License

Physician Licensure Rules

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Continuing Education and Other Required Training for Physicians

For questions about your pending application for Physician Licensure (Initial or Reinstatement), refer to the contact based on your last name's first alphabetic character:


Licensure Specialist Katonya Reynolds

Contact for Physician applicants (with last names A - C)


Licensure Specialist Dwana Robinson

Contact for Physician applicants (with last names D - I) and Genetic Counselor applicants


Licensure Specialist Sandra Fanning

Contact for Physician applicants (with last names J - M)


Licensure Specialist Debi Bruce

Contact for Physician applicants (with last names N - R)


Licensure Specialist Chyna Sams

Contact for Physician applicants (with last names S - Z)