Frequently Asked Questions About The Board

  • May I visit the offices of the Board?

    Yes, but due to COVID-19 the Board is meeting via Microsoft TEAMS, not in person at this time. Board Meetings and Hearings are open to the public, though some business is conducted in closed session in accordance with state law. Visitors are expected to sign in at the front desk and provide proper identification. Other visits to the Board’s offices should by appointment. The Board operates a secure facility. Visitors who arrive unannounced may not be admitted to the building.

  • What is the correct mailing address for the Board?

    The Board’s street address is:

    2 Peachtree Street NW, 6th Floor, Atlanta, GA, 30303-3465

    404-656-3913   [email protected] 

  • Are Board meetings and hearings open to the public?

    Yes, though certain portions of meetings or hearings may be closed. For example, certain committees of the Board, such as those that discuss investigative matters or pending complaints, are closed to the public. However, many agenda items of interest to the public, such as disciplinary hearings or presentations of settled disciplinary cases, are conducted in open session.  Please check on meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions.

  • How often does the Georgia Medical Board meet?

    The full Board meets every month. The Board holds hearings in disciplinary cases as warranted. The Board’s meeting schedule is published on this Web site and meeting agendas and hearing dockets are posted on the site in accordance with open meeting laws, typically 48 hours before a meeting or hearing. Meetings are typically scheduled the first Thursday of each month.


  • How long may a Board member serve?

    Terms of office of members of the board shall be four years. Members of the board shall serve for the terms specified and until their respective successors are appointed and qualified. All reappointments and new appointments shall be made so that the various geographic regions of the state shall be represented. Any vacancy that may occur in the board as a result of death, resignation, relocation from the state, or other cause shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as regular appointments are made.

  • How are Board members chosen?

    The Governor of Georgia appoints all members of the Board. The Governor has the authority to directly appoint the Board’s two public members (Georgia citizens with no ties to medicine), thirteen physicians Board members and one member who is a physician assistant ex-officio, nominated by an independent panel and then appointed by the Governor.

  • What is the Georgia Medical Board and what does it do?

    The Georgia Medical Board is made up of 15 individuals, including eleven physicians, who are charged with licensing and regulating doctors, physician assistants and certain other medical professionals. The Board’s primary mission is to protect the public. It screens candidates for licensure, issues licenses to qualified professionals, develops rules and positions that guide its licensees and, when necessary, disciplines its licensees.

  • What medical professionals ARE licensed and regulated by the Board?

    The Board issues licenses to medical doctors (MDs), doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs), physician assistants (PAs), anesthesiologist assistants (AAs), certified clinical perfusionists, anesthesiologist assistants, respiratory care professionals, acupuncturists, orthotists, prosthetists, auricular (ear) detoxification specialists, residency training permits, cosmetic laser practitioners, pain management clinics, and medical geneticists and regulates their practice. It also approves the protocols of nurse practitioners’ clinical practice.

  • What medical professionals ARE NOT licensed or regulated by the Board?

    Podiatrist, chiropractors, dentist, marriage and family therapist, social workers, or professional counselor, physical Therapists, registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.  These professions are regulated by the Office of Secretary of State. 

  • Does the Medical Board receive funding from state or local governments?

    Yes. One hundred percent of the Board’s operating budget comes from the State General Assembly.

  • Is the Georgia Medical Board part of state government?

    Yes. The medical board is an independent state agency.