Georgia Composite Medical Board

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The Georgia Composite Medical Board licenses healthcare professionals, regulates medical practice, and educates the public by handling complaints and verifying credentials. Our mission of ensuring the health of our fellow Georgians begins with you!


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Rules and Laws

The Georgia Composite Medical Board abides by the GCMB Rules & Laws, the Medical Practice Act, the Patient Right to Know Act, and the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Title 43, Chapters 34 and 34A (O.C.G.A. §§43-34 and 34A).

Meet Our Directors and Current Chairman

Jason S. Jones, Executive Director

Jason Jones

Kimberly Emm, Deputy Director

Kimberly Emm, Deputy Director & Legal Counsel

Sreeni R. Gangasani MD, Chairman

Sreeni R. Gangasani MD

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