About the Georgia Composite Medical Board


The Georgia Composite Medical Board safeguards public health by ensuring the proper licensing and regulation of healthcare professionals within the state.

Purpose and Mission

Purpose: Established under O.C.G.A § 43-34-1, the Board licenses healthcare professionals and enforces the Medical Practice Act to protect public health.

Mission: To protect the health of Georgians through the proper licensing of physicians and other healthcare practitioners and the objective enforcement of the Medical Practice Act.

Licensing and Regulation

  • Licensing: Grants licenses to a diverse group of medical professionals, including physicians, physician assistants, respiratory care professionals, acupuncturists, genetic counselors, and more. Over 59,000 healthcare professionals are licensed.
  • Regulation: Develops rules for medical practice in Georgia, oversees complaint investigations, and disciplines those violating professional standards.

Public Education and Accountability

  • Public Education: Handles public complaints about medical practice and provides a platform for verifying healthcare professionals’ credentials.
  • Transparency: The Board’s website features a license verification tool providing details on medical professionals’ credentials and any disciplinary actions.
  • Accountability: Accepts and reviews public complaints against its licensees, excluding complaints about hospitals and other health institutions, except pain management clinics.

Board Composition and Operations

  • Composition: Comprises 15 members appointed by the Governor, including 13 physicians and two public representatives. An additional physician assistant serves in an advisory role.
  • Operations: Funded by the state legislature, the Board convenes monthly, typically on the first Thursday, with meetings and hearings open to the public, barring specific closed sessions.

Additional Information

Important information about the Board, its work, and other resources can be found on the Board’s website. Click around the site to learn more!

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Georgia Composite Medical Board

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