Genetic Counselor

Please read the instructions below and the laws/rules governing the practice of Genetic Counselors (Genetic Counselor Rules Chapter 360-39) before completing your application. For questions about your pending application for Genetic Counselor licensure or reinstatement of your lapsed or inactive licensure, contact [email protected]

Types of Genetic Counselor Licenses:

1. Full License: Applicants must be ABGC-certified (or equivalent) to apply for a full license.

2. Temporary License: Applicants who are not ABGC-certified but have been granted active candidate status by the ABGC may apply for a temporary license. Temporary license holders must enter into a supervision contract with a supervising licensed genetic counselor or licensed physician.

Requirements for Genetic Counselor Licensure Applications:

  • The application requirements vary based on the type of license you are applying for. Please review the relevant checklist closely. Missing or incomplete documents will delay your application.

  • Online applications are now accepted and encouraged. Supporting documentation should be uploaded into the online portal when submitting your application (mailed-in documents are no longer required). When submitting copies of documents, please ensure they are 8-1/2 x11-inch copies of the original.

  • Download this doc file. Click HERE for the Checklist . Online application link and required forms are at the bottom on this page (scroll down).

For existing Full License holders (Renewals):

  • Full licenses are renewed every 2 years and require CEU attestation (see Rules link above for details).

  • Renewals of active licenses can be completed online at The renewal application opens 60 days before expiration. To renew, log in, go to Renew a License tab, complete online application including updating demographics and questionnaire, and provide payment. You only need to complete the Citizenship Affidavit for renewals if you are NOT a US Citizen.

  • Note: Do not expect to receive notice of your renewal. You should check on your renewal status on the website at a few days after submitting your renewal application.

Temporary License Requirements:

  • Must pass the certification exam within 18 months.

  • Must have a genetic supervision contract and be supervised by a licensed genetic counselor or physician.

  • Expires 30 days after failing the certification exam.

  • Download this pdf file. Supervisor Agreement

For existing Temporary License Holders:

  • Once you are certified, you should complete the Temporary to Full application process (see checklist above).

  • Temporary licenses (for individuals who are not yet certified) are renewed annually.

  • If there is a change of your supervising genetic counselor or supervising physician, and you remain at the same employer, you must notify the board of this supervision change:

  • If you change employer while holding a temporary license, you must submit a new Temporary License Application and application fee.

From Temporary to Full License

Application Validity, Fee, and Processing:

  • Applications are valid for one year from the date of receipt.

  • Applications will not be reviewed without the application fee.

  • Include the application fee when submitting your application.

  • Within 10 business days, you will receive a status letter identifying any outstanding documentation.

  • Submit all required documents promptly.

  • Wait 15 business days after submission or until receiving a deficiency letter before contacting staff about your application status.

  • The review process follows state law requirements, with no waivers granted by staff.

Board Meetings:

  • Completed applications must be received 10 business days before the next scheduled board meeting.

  • An application is considered complete when all primary source documentation is received and reviewed, administrative screenings are met, a final quality assurance review is done, and you are notified in writing by the Board.

Internet Disclosure of Genetic Counselor Address

Georgia law requires the Georgia Composite Medical Board to provide an address for each licensed Genetic Counselor upon request. Public-record information is available on the Board’s website.

Given this, carefully consider the address you provide as your address of record. This address will be disclosed to anyone making inquiries and used for mailing licenses, renewal notices, and other official correspondence.

You may choose your home or office address as your address of record. If you list a P.O. Box, you must also provide a secondary street address that will remain confidential. Georgia law requires you to inform the Board of any address changes. Submit changes in writing, including your license number, name, old address, and new address.


This checklist is intended to assist you with the filing of a complete application.  Read all instructions on each page carefully and utilize the checklist as you are filling out the application.  All items listed that apply to your situation must be submitted in order for your qualifications for licensure to be assessed.  When submitting copies of documents, please ensure they are 8-1/2 x11-inch copies of the original. All supporting documentation should be uploaded into online portal when submitting an application.

  • Genetic Counselor Online Application

    • All applications should be submitted through the Board's online portal.  Answer all questions honestly and thoroughly.  If an answer requires an explanation or additional supporting documentation (court records, etc.), it can be uploaded via the online portal

  • Application Fee

    • Applicants can pay via the online portal with a credit or debit card.
  • Download this pdf file. Affidavit of Applicant

    • A current passport photo is required to complete this form. Take this form to a notary public for witness of your signature. The applicant’s signature date and the notary signature date must match.  No whiteouts or strikeouts are accepted.

  • Download this pdf file. Citizenship Affidavit

    • Take this form to a notary public to witness your signature. The dates on both the applicant’s and notary’s signatures must match. No whiteouts or strikeouts are allowed.

      For U.S. Citizens: Submit a copy of your U.S. passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate.

      For Non-U.S. Citizens: Provide documentation to verify your qualified alien status. Only applicants with proof will be granted a license. The Board uses the DHS-USCIS SAVE program to verify citizenship and immigration status.

      To confirm your status with SAVE, submit clear copies of one of the verifiable documents listed. Use a high-quality copier and enlarge the copy if necessary. Ensure the following information is legible: Alien Number, Card Number, Document Expiration Date, and SEVIS ID Number. If we cannot read your submission, it will delay your application.

  • CV / Resume

  • American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) or the American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG) Verification

    • Please visit the ABGC (or ABMG) website to submit a request that your verification of Certification (or Active Candidate Status for temporary license applicants) be sent to the GCMB (via [email protected] or [email protected]).

  • Download this pdf file. Reference Form

    • In order for the Board to adequately evaluate the applicant to practice as a Genetic Counselor in the State of Georgia, a reference form is required. This reference form must be completed and signed by a supervisor with whom the applicant practices with at the time of application. An original signature is required. This form must be emailed to the Board directly from the supervisor’s practice or hospital email address (not from a personal email account).

  • Download this pdf file. Supervisor Agreement

    • This must be completed only if you are applying for a Temporary license, or if you are a current temporary license holder whose supervisor is changing.


  • State Board License Verification (not required of all applicants)

    • This is only required if you have ever held a healthcare license before (in any jurisdiction other than GA). This verification must come directly from the state (emailed to [email protected]) or from VeriDoc ( if applicable.

    • Original official, certified verifications of license history of all medical licenses you have held or currently hold is required for each permanent, temporary, training, provisional or limited license held, even if you have not worked in that state or in any state in the US or Canadian territory or province, and US federal jurisdiction for 20 years, or you got a license and never practiced in that state.  List the State/Country, dates of licensure, licensed by examination, reciprocity, state board examination.

      If an applicant has never held a license before (in any jurisdiction), the State Board License Verification is not required.

  • National Practitioner Data Bank Self-Query (not required of all applicants)

    • Congress mandates this data bank to track regulatory Board disciplinary actions and certain peer review and malpractice payments.

      Applicants who have held a license in any jurisdiction (Georgia or other states) must self-query the NPDB as part of the Georgia license application process. Click the link above to start the query. Upload the response with your application packet.

      If you have never held a license before, the NPDB self-query is not required.

  • Download this pdf file. Specific Power of Attorney Form (optional)

    • OPTIONAL.  Applications are confidential by State law. Therefore, the Board requires an applicant’s permission to provide updates to third parties. Inform hospitals, employers, recruiters, referral companies, family members, or insurance companies that application status updates will only be given if a Specific Power of Attorney Form is included with the application packet. This form must be signed and notarized to be accepted by the Board.

  • Download this pdf file. Inactive Status Request Form  (if applicable)

    • Complete this form if you would like to inactivate your Georgia Genetic Counselor license.



Licensure Specialist Dwana Robinson

Contact for Physician applicants (with last names D - I) and Genetic Counselor applicants