Become a Peer Reviewer for the Board

Each year, the Board receives thousands of complaints and mandated reports about its licensees. While the Board is made up of physicians in various medical specialties who review the complaints, scrutinize medical care and treatment, and evaluate formal responses to the allegations, there are times when it is absolutely vital for the Board to have an outside expert perform a similar review but from another perspective. The Board routinely solicits peer reviewers but is always in need of more.

Having a peer review is important for several reasons. First, while Board members can apply their medical knowledge, training, and experience in evaluating medical care and treatment, sometimes the care being reviewed is partly or wholly unfamiliar to members of the Board, due to the specialty. Second, peer reviews insulate the Board from allegations that it is biased in its decision-making concerning the quality of care in a particular complaint. Third, expert evidence and testimony coming from a source other than a Board member is plays an important role during administrative hearings. Any person who testifies or submits a recommendation to the Board via peer review shall be immune from civil and criminal liability under Georgia law.

One of the most common delays in resolving complaints filed with the Board is the difficulty in locating peer reviewers willing to assist the Board. Convincing evidence of competence is essential, and the peer reviewer has access to guidelines put out by their respective specialty societies, and of course their own reservoir of knowledge and practice experience in their specialty.

The Board offers $100 per hour if the peer review is completed within 21 days and $50 per hour each day after that. In rare cases, the peer reviewer will have to testify at a hearing. If this happens, the Board will pay a flat fee of $1,200 per day and reimburse necessary and reasonable lodging expenses (as appropriate).

Minimum qualifications to become a peer reviewer for the Board include:

  • Be a resident of Georgia
  • Hold an unrestricted, active Georgia medical license for at least five years
  • Hold a board certification in a specific specialty and actively practice in that area
  • Have a clean licensure and enforcement history with the Board

In conclusion, quality outside expert reviewers are essential for the Board to ensure that licensees are competent and qualified to practice medicine. If you are interested in giving back to the medical community and assisting the Board in its mission to protect the public, please consider contacting the Board to offer your services as a peer reviewer.


Compliance Manager Latisha Bias

Contact for certified copies of Board orders, peer reviews, and compliance matters