The Georgia Composite Medical Board has added a new question to the physician license renewal application asking if the licensee has completed education and training in professional boundaries and physician sexual misconduct.

O.C.G.A. § 43-34-11(a)(6) requires all physicians "to receive one-time education and training, for a minimum of two hours, regarding professional boundaries and physician sexual misconduct," and the CME "shall include subject matter relating to how to proceed with basic as well as sensitive or intimate examinations and the communication with patients that is required as a component of such examinations."

"The Board takes physician sexual misconduct issues very seriously," said GCMB Chairman Matthew Norman, MD. "With physicians now required to complete this education and training, they will be better equipped to recognize and prevent potential boundary violations, ultimately leading to a safer environment for patients seeking medical care."

Renewal applicants who answer "no" will have the license placed on hold and it will not renew until Board staff removes the hold. Staff will remove the hold upon the licensee submitting documentation of successful completion of the education. The new renewal application will begin for physician license renewals with an expiration of Feb. 28, 2023.

This two-hour education and training only needs to be completed once during a physician's career and may count toward the required 40 hours of continuing education per licensure cycle, if meeting other CME guidelines.

Licensees can renew their license via the Board's online account portal:

For more information on these and other CME requirements, please refer to:


The education options linked below are provided as a courtesy for physicians who are curious about what CME meets the requirements mentioned above. This list is not exhaustive; education and training meeting these requirements may include but are not limited to: