How do I file a complaint against a doctor or hospital?

The Georgia Composite Medical Board is charged with the responsibility of regulating and disciplining doctors, physician assistants, physicians in training (residents), acupuncturists, auricular detoxification specialists, perfusionists, respiratory care professionals, orthotists & prosthetists, cosmetic laser practitioners, Pain clinics, and medical geneticist. If you have a complaint about any other licensed profession, please contact the Secretary of State's Office at If you believe a provider licensed by this Board has violated provisions of the Medical Practice Act, has acted in a manner that is considered "unprofessional conduct", or has provided a level of care that would fall below the minimum standard of care, then you may have the basis for a complaint. You may now file complaints online or by mail. We prefer for complaints to be filed on Board approved form. This form is needed for the Board to consider a possible inquiry. It is available for download on our web site. Please complete the form giving a brief but detailed statement of the facts in chronological order. Please do not edit or scratch out any information pre-printed on these forms. You may add as many additional sheets as necessary to detail your circumstances. Please explain to us, if possible, why you believe the treatment you received was either a violation of the Medical Practice Act, considered by you to be unprofessional conduct, or the treatment you received was below standards. Please give us your daytime telephone number in case our staff has questions regarding your complaint. Be sure to give the names, telephone numbers and addresses of all parties involved in your complaint. Click here to file your complaint online or by mail!

Must I use the Medical Board's forms to file my complaint or will you accept a letter? We prefer you to use our form: as the Complaint Form by Mail or Online is extremely important. However, if your letter gives us the details that we need and includes a written, signed and dated statement that authorizes the use of your name, the release of your name and the release of information to necessary individuals to conduct an investigation, we will accept your letter. If we do not have all the information or authorization, we need to conduct an investigation, your complaint will be unnecessarily delayed until we obtain the information or permission.

May I file an anonymous complaint against my doctor? The Medical Board prefers to receive signed and dated complaints. The Board's investigative files are confidential. However, doctors and other allied health care professionals within the jurisdiction of the Medical Board are disciplined through an administrative law procedure. At some point in this procedure a hearing may be required. In order to defend him or herself, the physician or other licensee has a right to face their accuser. This is a basic principle in the American judicial process. Therefore, the Medical Board does not accept anonymous complaints except in cases where the physician or health care provider is an immediate danger to the citizens of Georgia or a complaint involving the death of a patient. Please remember that if the Board does accept an anonymous complaint, there must be sufficient evidence, absent the identity of the complainant, for the Board to determine whether a sanction may be warranted.

Is there a statutory limit on when I may file my complaint? No, there is no statutory limit as to when you may file a complaint with the Medical Board. However, as time progresses, it may be more difficult for our investigative staff to gather information to support the complaint.