Are complaints and investigations public information?

No, investigative information is not public information. A complaint is considered part of the investigative file and is not considered public information per se. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) 43-1-19(h)(2) and 43-34-37 state, "The results of all investigations initiated by the Board shall be reported solely to the Board, and the records of such investigations shall be kept for the Board . . . No part of any such record shall be released, except to the Board . . ." A complaint may or may not result in disciplinary action against the license of a practitioner. If the complaint does not result in a public board order, then the complaint remains a part of the investigative file and is not released. If a hearing is held, the facts and circumstances will be brought out and the complainant may be called as a witness. If the complaint results in a public board order, the nature of the complaint may be determined from the "Findings of Fact" in the public board order and therefore becomes public information.