What is the difference between a D.O and an M.D.? Does Georgia differentiate in the type of license granted to a D.O. and an M.D.?

Physicians in Georgia are either Medical Doctors (MD's) or Doctors of Osteopathy (DO's). A Doctor of Osteopathy is a physician who has been trained at an Osteopathic Medical School. These physicians are trained in all aspects of medicine with additional training in osteopathic manipulation, which is an added tool in the aid of diagnosis and treatment. Osteopathic manipulation is the movement of the bones and joints. One basic principle of Osteopathic Medicine is recognizing that there is a direct relationship between the structure and functionality of the body specifically with regard to the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems. MD's and DO's are classified as "physicians" in Georgia. The Medical Board makes no distinction between the two and both are issued the same type of medical license. However, for statistical information and because other state and federal agencies as well as professional organizations often seek information "only on MD's" or "only on DO's," we do keep this information on our database.