What are my responsibilities as a health care consumer?

Without fail, first and foremost, be an educated consumer. You, as a health care consumer, may access information from the Medical Board that may be useful in your decision to choose a health care provider. The Medical Board web site can tell you whether or not a doctor is licensed, has had public board orders and provides additional information, such as certain malpractice settlements or judgments, reported by the physician on the physician's profile.

Also, citizens who believe the quality of care they receive is substandard or that a physician or other allied health care professional has engaged in unprofessional conduct should contact the Medical Board. If health care consumers do not report substandard care or unprofessional conduct to the Medical Board, then the health care practitioner may continue to practice in the State of Georgia unencumbered. You, the health care consumer, are the eyes and ears for the Medical Board and it is your responsibility to help us monitor the quality of care given to the citizens of our state by health care practitioners.