My doctor is no longer in practice, (or my doctor is deceased). How do I obtain a copy of my medical records under these circumstances?

If you are attempting to obtain or locate your medical records from a doctor who is no longer in practice, here are some steps you should follow in attempting to recover a copy of your medical records:

1.) Call or visit the doctor's office to verify who has possession of the files from his/her practice;

2.) Check with the local Chamber of Commerce, county medical society or Police Department - they may be familiar with the doctor's practice and may be able to refer you to the office manager, a former employee or someone else who is knowledgeable about the doctor's situation;

3.) Check the Georgia Medical Board web site to verify a current mailing address or call (404) 656-3913 for assistance. The Medical Board will inform you of the doctor's last reported address;

4.) If the doctor was in practice with a partner, the partner may have information concerning the location of your records;

5.) Send a certified letter to the doctor asking for a copy of your medical records.

(Please read the FAQs in this section, as you may have to pay for a copy of your files upfront - before they are sent to you. A suggested draft letter is included in the FAQs). If the doctor has filed a change-of-address with the U.S. Postal Service, the letter will be forwarded to him/her. When you receive the green acknowledgement of delivery receipt, it will show you the date the letter was delivered, what location and who signed for it.

6.) If you know for sure the doctor is deceased, call the Clerk of Courts or the local Probate Court (in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia the telephone number is 404-730-4693) to find out who is the Executor of the estate. Court records will list a telephone number of the Executor. Call the Executor for assistance;

7.) Also, look in the Obituary Section of your local newspaper. The next-of-kin is often listed and their telephone numbers should be in your local telephone directory.