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CREDENTIALING AGENTS: See below for information concerning primary source data. To print an official statement of primary source verification for your records, click this link.

MALPRACTICE INSURANCE COVERAGE INFORMATION: HB 147 (2011) required the Board to include in each physician's profile whether the physician is carrying any medical malpractice insurance. The Board has not completed development of a new physician profile that can include any additional information, but has been collecting the information since May 2012. To view a list of current responses for active physicians see below

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Search tips: To search by license number, enter a 6-digit number with leading zeros (e.g., enter License #456 as 000456).  If you narrow your search too much by entering a license number, a name, and a city, you could eliminate the record you want. Try searching by one element first, and narrowing your search from there.

The following data elements on the Board’s website should be considered as primary source verification. 

  • License number
  • License status
  • Date the Georgia license was first issued
  • License expiration date
  • Public orders issued by the Georgia Composite Medical Board, including those issued under its former name (Composite State Board of Medical Examiners)
  • A notation that the Georgia Medical Board has issued no public orders against the licensee
  • Job descriptions and approved physician supervisors (for physician assistants)

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