What are the duties and responsibilites of the Georgia Medical Board?

The duties of the Georgia Medical Board go beyond the licensing of physicians and other allied health care professionals. The Medical Board is charged with the responsibility of evaluating when a physician's or other allied health care provider's professional conduct or ability to practice medicine warrants modification, suspension or revocation of the license to practice their profession in the State of Georgia. Medical Board members devote much personal time and attention to overseeing the practice of physicians and other allied health care professionals by reviewing complaints from consumers, malpractice data, information from hospitals, other health care institutions and reports from other government agencies. When the Medical Board receives a complaint about a physician or other allied health care professional and there is reason to believe that the complaint warrants investigation, the board has the legal power to investigate complaints, hold hearings, impose disciplinary actions such as fines, mandate continuing education, order medical or psychiatric treatment, (including treatment for drug or alcohol addiction), or seek suspension, probation or revocation of a doctor's or other allied health professional's license or certificate.