Physician Profile Information and Forms

All licensed physicians in Georgia must complete and keep current a physician profile, as described in O.C.G.A. §43-34A, commonly known as the Patient Right to Know Act. The Physician Profile initial entry opens 45 days after license is granted.

For more information regarding the Physician Profile:

Georgia Composite Medical Board
Physician Profiles
2 Peachtree Street, N.W., 6th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3465
TEL: (404) 656-3913
E-Mail: Physician Profile Request/Question

Below find below directions and forms for the completion of your Physician Profile. 

Download this pdf file. Patient Right to Know Act

Download this pdf file. Physician Profile Instructions

Download this pdf file. Physician Profile Questionnaire

Download this pdf file. Physician Profile Update and Correction Form

HB 147 (2011) required the Board to include in each physician's profile whether the physician is carrying any medical malpractice insurance. The Board has not completed development of a new physician profile that can include any additional information, but has been collecting the information since May 2012. To view a list of current responses for active physicians, click here.