Wellness/Professional Health Program Information

The Georgia Professional Health Program, Inc. (Georgia PHP) is the selected and contracted provider of the Georgia Composite Medical Board to provide referral to evaluation or treatment and monitoring services to licensees who develop substance use disorders and other mental health conditions. The Georgia PHP is not a treatment provider but interacts with assessors of its participants, coordinates this care with the healthcare entities that employ those individuals and monitors disease status in its participants. The primary goal of the PHP is to ensure that the professionals who return to the practice of medicine do so only if they can practice with reasonable skill and safety. The Georgia PHP also offers helpful wellness resources and provides education to hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Funding for the Georgia PHP comes from participant fees as mandated by state law and accepts donations for additional services. The Georgia PHP, Inc. is a member in good standing with the Federation of State Physician Health Programs and adheres to the established guidelines of the organization.

Click www.gaphp.org to learn more about Georgia PHP and how your support can make a difference for your colleagues, friends, and Georgia’s patients, or contact Georgia PHP by phone at 1-855-MY-GAPHP or by email to [email protected].

Download this pdf file. GA Professional Health Program Brochure