The Georgia Composite Medical Board Staff has received several phone calls from multiple licensees stating that someone is calling and pretending to be an agent of the Medical Board. These calls are trying to obtain both personal information and/or money. These calls are scams.

Information regarding your licensure number, issue date, expiration date, and address of record is available on the Board’s website. Your NPI number is also available on the Internet. The Board would not contact you by phone to obtain your personal information or money. We may contact you to set up a time that you can contact us and give you a valid call back number or schedule an in-person meeting. The Board is in Atlanta, Ga., and all phone numbers from the Board will have Atlanta area codes (404, 470, 678, or 770). It has also come to the Board’s attention that the scam callers are “spoofing” the Boards number. If in doubt, please hang up and call the Board directly. Board staff is aware of these types of calls and will understand your need to verify their identity.

If you receive a call like this, please do not give any personal information or money and disconnect the call. If you need any additional information, please contact the Board's Director of Investigations, which is provided below.


Director of Investigations Ken Morrow

Contact for Board investigations