How to File a Consumer's Complaint

Georgia Composite Medical Board
Enforcement Unit
2 Peachtree Street, N.W.,

6th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
PH: (404) 657-6494 or (404) 656-1725
FX: (404) 463-6333

The Georgia Composite Medical Board (Medical Board) in its effort to protect the integrity of the complaint process as well as the Georgia health care consumer, accepts complaints as provided on this web site in a downloadable format for filing by mail, or by filing online at the appropriate link shown below. If you are unable to file online or print the mail-in complaint form, please call us to have a complaint form mailed. Please note: we are unable to take complaints by phone; all complaints must be submitted in writing by one of the two methods described.

The Board discourages anonymous complaints, but if you are considering submitting one, please read the page on this site titled Frequently Asked Questions and refer to the questions on anonymous complaints.

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