When You Apply

General Information About the Application Process For All Applicants

The staff of the Georgia Composite Medical Board (GCMB) works very hard to process all applications for licenses or certificates in a timely manner. Please read this information very carefully BEFORE you complete your application, regardless of the type of license or certificate you are seeking.

Helpful Hints that will save you time and possible aggravation:

1.) Read the instructions in their entirety BEFORE you complete your application;

2.) Fill in all spaces and forms -- mark "Not Applicable" if the answer or form does not apply to you;

3.) Return all forms -- even if the form does not apply to your circumstances;

4.) Staff is prohibited from editing your submitted form -- you cannot call in information corrections;

5.) Incomplete forms will be returned;

6.) A original passport size photo, not more than six months old, is required;

7.) A current résumé is required -- any time gap must be explained;

8.) Be sure to enclose the fee. An application will not be processed until the correct fee is received (click HERE);

9.) Make your check payable to the Georgia Composite Medical Board;

10.) Sign and date your application -- have the application affidavit notarized;

11.) Please read the Frequently Asked Questions -- your questions are probably answered here;

12.) Applicants who download applications from our web site must print out the rules and laws and read them.

13.) All applications are confidential by state law, so we may only speak to the applicant – unless a Specific Power of Attorney is on file with the Board.

Application Time Frame: Absent any complicating factors, the average application process takes approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks to complete. Once your application is completed you will be notified in writing of the initial determination and the next scheduled Medical Board meeting date at which your application will be reviewed.

Applicants with Pending Employment: In the application instructions, applicants are informed NOT TO ACCEPT EMPLOYMENT until they receive their Georgia Medical License or Certificate. As soon as the Georgia Medical Board Staff informs you of your application's deficiencies, (generally within seven (7) days of submission of your application), the best thing for an applicant to do under these circumstances is to check with your primary source verifiers (e.g., school transcripts, references, residency training, test scores, and out-of-state licensure verification) to make sure they send your information directly to the Medical Board in a timely fashion. We must stress to you that it is highly recommended that YOU DO NOT ACCEPT an offer of employment in Georgia UNTIL you have met all the necessary requirements for licensure or certification and have been notified in writing of your approval for a medical license or certificate.