The Georgia Composite Medical Board’s telemedicine rules have been in effect since 2014, but the Board eased its rules due to the pandemic. As of May 1, 2024, all licensees should refer to the Medical Practice Act and Board Rules for proper prescribing practices in Georgia. Board Rules 360-3-.02 and 360-3-.07 address the appropriateness of prescribing and telemedicine.

Please note that an in-person visit is not required under the Board’s rules for every prescription. In general, the Board rules require a patient to be examined once in-person prior to an initial prescription being issued for controlled substances and/or dangerous drugs. Additionally, a telemedicine provider must make diligent efforts to ensure patients are examined once annually in-person by a Georgia licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. Prescribers should refer to the rules below to ensure they are in compliance with prescribing and patient care via electronic or other such means.  
Rule 360-3-.02 Unprofessional Conduct Defined

Rule 360-3-.07 Practice Through Electronic or Other Such Means

The Board’s telemedicine rule does not authorize the prescription of controlled substances for the treatment of pain or chronic pain by electronic or other such means. All treatment of pain or chronic pain must be in compliance with Rule 360-3-.06.

Rule 360-3-.06 Pain Management

The Board is developing some answers to frequently asked questions about telemedicine and tele-prescribing which will be published on the Board’s website after the next meeting (Feb. 1).


Medical Practice Act
O.C.G.A. Title 43, Ch. 34

Rules of the Georgia Composite Medical Board