My doctor has a public board order. Does this mean the Georgia Medical Board considers my doctor a "bad" doctor?

Public board orders means that there is a public document concerning the licensee. This could be a consent order signed by the licensee, a notice that the Board intended to hold a hearing, the decision of an administrative law judge, a Board or court document, or another Board’s order including administrative orders. The existence of a Board order does not necessarily mean the licensee was sanctioned by the Medical Board or that the licensee, if sanctioned, is currently under any type of disciplinary action.

Please review any public documents carefully. Please note the dates on any order. The most recent order indicates the Board's latest action. It could also be something that is in the past and the terms and conditions have been fulfilled. For example, the Board may have required a doctor or other allied health care professional to obtain more training as a “condition of licensure” in the State of Georgia. This doctor or practitioner would enter into a public board order (a consent agreement) that is legally binding on them. Under these circumstances, a licensee or a physician licensed under these conditions would have a public board order on file with the Medical Board. This does not mean this doctor or other allied health care professional was sanctioned by the Medical Board. It simply means the doctor or practitioner agreed to meet specific conditions in order to become licensed.