Board Committees

The Board consists of 16 members: 13 physicians, two consumer members, and one physician assistant ex-officio member. Each member of the Board is assigned to various committees to participate in the decision-making functions of the Board. The following list briefly describes committees of the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

Investigative Committee
This committee is comprised of five Board members and the Board's four medical directors. The Committee examines initial complaints, the results of all investigations, and medical malpractice reports. The Committee then makes recommendations to the full Board for actions to be taken on complaints and investigations as well as disciplinary matters.

Physician Licensing Committee
This committee is comprised of five Board members. The Committee evaluates each physician applicant’s fitness to practice his or her profession in Georgia. It does this by establishing standards for licensure and practice, reviewing all non-routine applications, and conducting interviews with applicants (as needed) each month in order to grant licenses. The committee sets policy regarding the application process and procedures for staff on how to handle non-routine applications, and it assists in developing rules for physician licensure.

Wellness Committee
This committee is comprised of five Board members. They are charged with reviewing all new cases that may or already have impacted their practice or return to practice. The Committee meets with the practitioner, advocate, and treating physician and assesses the practitioner’s individual situation and return to practice, any possible discipline, or restrictions to practice. The Committee maintains a list of acceptable treatment programs and also reviews request from treatment facilities.

Rules Committee
This committee is comprised of all members of the Board. It was created to develop rules to govern the performance of health care practitioners regulated by the Board. Its goal is to assist the Board in defining, assessing, and assuring the continued competency of all licensees throughout their professional careers.

Public Outreach Committee
This committee is comprised of two Board members and three members of the public. The Committee reviews the Board's website and makes suggestions to improve communication with the general public.

Advisory Committees
The Board has six advisory committees comprised of professionals from the community. There are also at least two Board members on each advisory committee. The Board regulates the following professions:

  • Acupuncture Committee
  • APRN Protocol Committee
  • Cosmetic Laser Practitioner Committee
  • Genetic Counselor Committee
  • Orthotist & Prosthetist Committee
  • Pain Management Clinic Committee
  • Perfusion Committee
  • Physicians Assistant Committee
  • Respiratory Care Professional Committee
  • Telemedicine Committee

During the committee meetings, the staff along with a member of the Office of the Attorney General is present to answer questions from the committee members. The Committee makes recommendation to the full board for consideration and approval. All matters reviewed and discussed before the Board Committees are sent to the full board for final review and approval.