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Message from the Board Chairperson

Greetings from the members and staff of the Georgia Composite Medical Board.  The Board has responsibilities for over 41,000 professionals licensed in the state of Georgia.  These groups include physicians, physician assistants, resident physicians, respiratory care professionals, perfusionists, orthotists, prosthetists, and acupuncturists.  The Board also reviews protocols that incorporate prescriptive authority for advanced practice nurses.

The Board is comprised of fifteen volunteer members who are appointed by the Governor, and on ex-officio volunteer member appointed by the Board. Thirteen are actively practicing physicians, two are non-physician consumer advocates, and one is an “ex-officio” physician assistant member who does not vote on matters related to physicians.  We are assisted in our work by our Executive Director and a team of dedicated staff members and investigators.

If you are a licensee, this website provides you with access to all of the information and forms that are required to apply for, renew, reinstate, or manage your license.  If you are a consumer, the site allows you to access the profiles of licensed providers and review public board orders.  In addition, the website contains a great deal of other useful information in the Frequently Asked Question links.

Complaints regarding licensees may be submitted to the Board either by mail or online.  The Board evaluates all complaints, whether they come from patients, consumers, hospitals, government agencies, or healthcare providers, or from the Board’s review of malpractice settlements and rewards.  Board action, when it is required, may range from assessment of fines to restriction or revocation of the practitioner’s license.

Whether you are a consumer or a professional, the Georgia Composite Medical Board welcomes your comments and suggestions.  We look forward to our continued service to the citizens of the State of Georgia.

Richard L. Wiel, M.D.