Request a Copy of a Public Board Order

Georgia Composite Medical Board

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Atlanta, Georgia 30303
PH: (404) 656-3913
FX: (404) 656-9723
Email: [email protected]

The Georgia Composite Medical Board (GCMB), as a matter of policy and in its effort to protect the integrity of information received by Georgia health care consumers, regularly places the Public Board orders given as discipline on our verification website. You need only the license number or last name and their profession to search.

To obtain a certified copied of one of these orders, please submit a written, signed and dated requests for the certified public documents. There is a photocopy fee of $.25 (25 cents) per page and an additional fee of $5.00 per order for certified copies. Payment must be received before the documents will be mailed out. Check or money order must be made payable to “Georgia Composite Medical Board” Please email the Board at [email protected] and we will gladly assist you in determining the cost of the document(s) you need. We do not honor telephone requests for certified copies of documents.

Hospitals, insurance companies, credentialing verification organizations and other entities, when requesting multiple public board orders, must submit the request in writing and submit payment in advance. Requests for certified copies of documents will not be honored without the appropriate payment. Please allow five to seven business days for the staff to comply with your request. If you are making a request for multiple documents (10 or more), please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Open Records Act requests should be addressed to the attention of the Executive Director. Any person or entity requesting documents under the Open Records Act is obligated to cover the cost $.25 per page for duplication.

If you do not need a certified copy of a public board order and such documents exists on our web page, you may print the document from our web site. While the document printed from our web page is not a certified copy, it is an accurate copy of the original.