Initial Physician Licensure

The following forms must be completed and submitted with your payment to apply for an initial license as a Physician in the State of Georgia. Please note: your application will not be processed without payment of appropriate fees have been submitted and is not deemed to be "complete" until all documents have been received. You may also apply for your license online.

Apply Online (Note: You must still send certain forms and documents. Click here to download the forms: Application Checklists and Forms)

To apply by mail, please print and complete the following forms:

Initial Licensure General Information and Checklists

Initial Licensure Application

FORM A - Certificate of Postgraduate Training

FORM B - Reference Form

FORM C - State Verification of License

FORM D - Affidavit of Applicant

FORM D2 - Affidavit of Citizenship

FORM E - Mandatory Malpractice Questionnaire

FORM G - Specific Power of Attorney

FORM H - Request for Temporary License