Board Members

The Georgia Composite Medical Board is comprised of sixteen members (15 voting members and one ex-officio member) appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. By statute, two members are consumer members, one is a physician assistant (and is an ex-officio member), two are physicians with Doctor of Osteopathy degrees, and eleven are physicians with Doctor of Medicine degrees.

Gretchen Collins, MD
Barby J. Simmons, DO
Vice Chairperson
John S. Antalis, MD
Past Chairperson (2016-17)
Debi Dalton, MD
 Powder Springs
E. Daniel DeLoach, MD
Past Chairperson (2017- 18)
Charmaine Faucher, PA-C
Ex-Officio Member
Michael Fowler, Sr. CFSP
Consumer Member 
Alexander S. Gross, MD
Past Chairperson (2010- 11)
Thomas Harbin Jr.,  MD
Rob Law, CFA
Consumer Member
Matthew W. Norman, MD
David W. Retterbush, MD
Past Chairperson (2014- 15)
Andrew Reisman, MD
Joe Sam Robinson, MD
Richard L. Weil, MD
Past Chairperson (2013- 14)

The Board has several advisory committees that review matters pertaining to the licensing of specific areas of practice and additional committees that review matters pertaining to the enforcement of the laws and rules of the Board. Please see the attached document for a description of each committee, who comprises the committee and how each committee contributes to the Board's mission.