Executive Director and Management Team

Bob Jeffery, MBA 
Executive Director

Briana Fry-Jones
Administrative Assistant to Bob Jeffery
Phone: (404) 657-6488
E-mail: briana.fry-jones@dch.ga.gov

Karl Reimers
Director, Office of Investigations & Enforcement
Phone: (404) 463-0635
E-mail: kreimers@dch.ga.gov

Patricia Sherman
Enforcement Manager, Office of Investigations & Enforcement
Phone: (404) 657-6487
E-mail: patricia.sherman@dch.ga.gov

Carol Dorsey
Manager, Licensure Unit
Phone: (404) 651-7854
E-mail: cdorsey@dch.ga.gov 

Esther McMullin
Financial Analyst
Phone: (404) 354-4706
E-mail: emcmullin@dch.ga.gov 

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